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Telemedicine Made Simple

Relevant resources and musings from the team @ SimpleVisit

Telemedicine’s Role in Disaster Relief

    The devastation of Hurricane Harvey is evident. Harvey is recorded as one of the most powerful storms to hit the U.S in over a decade. Hurricane Harvey, with its torrential rain, raging winds, and enormous amounts of flooding have left 31 people dead, 300,000...

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Mental Health and Telemedicine

    Even though Mental Health Awareness Month has come to a close, it is still very important to continue the discussion around the seriousness of mental illness, the effects it has on individuals, and effective ways to help those suffering. Individuals with mental...

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Google Hangouts Saved My Life

    Based on a true story... The immersion of video communications in our culture has made its way into healthcare through telemedicine.  Doctors are using telemedicine applications to help patients with chronic illnesses, frequent follow-ups, special consultations...

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