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Reinvent Mental Health Care: A Call to Creative Care

Are you a passionate, dedicated mental health provider, driven to do whatever it takes to help more people? Do you see the state of mental health in our society today and wish you could do more to fix what is broken, but don’t know how? There is an answer: join the revolution to reinvent mental healthcare.

We are issuing a call for creative care, in response to the downward spiral of mental illness and addiction our country has found itself in. This call is a declaration that now is the time to pursue innovation, embrace entrepreneurship, and take on the role of a trailblazer in order to affect change in the fundamentals of mental healthcare delivery.

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Using FaceTime for Telemedicine

A Call for Creative Care - Interview with Allie Clark

SimpleVisit Podcast Ep. 1

Experience Telehealth: Learn the Language

By Allie Clark | 8 min read | July 25, 2019[Part 1 of 3] Learning the Language of Telehealth There is a foundation for healthcare that transcends any specific medical field, location or tools used for care. That foundation is hope. Hope in better outcomes for a...

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Teletherapy Proposal for MD Social Workers

Maryland Deliberates Over Adding Social Work Clinicians to the List of Telehealth-Eligible Providers The field of teletherapy is rapidly expanding and is positioned to be the area of virtual care with the most widespread and consistent patient engagement, physician...

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PSYPACT – Live and Rapidly Expanding

Allie Clark  |  July 5, 2019  |  Telemedicine News, LicensingTelehealth is a fulfillment of the dream: “healthcare for everyone, everywhere, anytime.” As telehealth becomes more mainstream and providers begin to see it as a tool rather than a patch; as technology...

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