Google Hangouts is Changing!

The Google Hangouts mobile app is scheduled to be suspended in 2020 making way for more user-specific applications made by Google. This means 2019 is the last year to use the Hangouts app on mobile devices.

While the Google Hangouts browser extension will remain supported, the Hangouts Android and IOS mobile app is being replaced by what is called “Hangouts Chat” and “Hangouts Meet.”

Hangouts Chat, a Slack alternative for G Suite users to have internal discussions, is going to be used mainly for texting purposes, unable to initiate video calls. Hangouts Meet, on the other hand, will have all the video chatting capabilities we’re used to using.

To sum it all up, the two functions of the single Hangouts app is being split into to apps which each have dedicated functions, one being texting and the other being video calls. 

What does this mean for telemedicine?

SimpleVisit leverages existing video clients like Google Hangouts to facilitate HIPAA-compliant telemedicine appointments.  The SimpleVisit technology uniquely connects any-to-any video application that ensures a seamless experience for both the patient and provider.  We will continue to support and integrate with all Google’s video applications that meet our standard of operations. The goal is to empower healthcare providers to use the tools they already have to engage in remote care over video.  Stay tuned for updates and white papers regarding these emerging platforms.

More information on how commercial video conferencing platforms are used to securely deliver virtual care can be found here:

About Simple Visit

SimpleVisit is a video service which allows patients and providers to connect over the video platform of their choice. With SimpleVisit providers are able to deliver on-demand visits to patients over any device or platform they have available to them. For more information on SimpleVisit and on how we are enabling providers to host virtual visits check out

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