Righttime Showcases New Telemedicine Service at Urgent Care Convention

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Stanford Coleman, MD, MBA, Chief Networking Officer for Medical Affairs and Community Relations for Maryland-based urgent care company Righttime Medical Care, recently spoke to attendees of the Urgent Care Association’s annual spring conference about telemedicine in the urgent care setting.

Addressing an audience of health care providers and administrators, Dr. Coleman described the RighttimeNOW™ model of telemedicine service for patients electing to be evaluated virtually rather than via a traditional in-person visit to Righttime. It is estimated that up to 60% of the illnesses seen in urgent care can now be managed through telehealth.

Righttime partnered with healthcare IT company SimpleVisit® to launch the service, which functions on any type of video platform using a patient’s cell phone, laptop or tablet to contact a Righttime provider. Patients use the Facetime®, Skype® and Google® Hangouts already included in their devices. RighttimeNOW’s technology is unique from many other telemedicine services in that it is does not require the installation of a separate app.

During a virtual health visit, patients are connected to a healthcare provider over a video call on a mobile device or desktop computer to diagnose common medical conditions such as headaches, fever, sinus pain, pink eye, ear pain, rashes, nausea and vomiting, fungal and bacterial infections, and more. Dr. Coleman shared that all virtual visits scheduled through RighttimeNOW are highly secure, meeting or exceeding HIPAA patient privacy laws that protect personal health information.

Dr. Coleman shared that patients have reported very high satisfaction with the visits based on the quality and convenience of the care.

Dr. Coleman reminded the audience that telemedicine is just a tool in the continuum of health care. “RighttimeNOW is perfect for so many people of different walks of life: the college student without a car; the stay-at-home parent who can’t sit in a waiting room with young children; a working person who needs a diagnosis during lunch hour; a housebound senior,” said Coleman. “Although we have this remarkable technology, the doctor-patient relationship is of the utmost importance in any medical interaction, which includes compassion, communication and respect, combined with good medical knowledge.”

About Righttime Medical Care

Righttime Medical Care simplifies access to trustworthy medical care at its 16 urgent care locations in Maryland. Righttime holds the Certified Urgent Care designation, which distinguishes it as among the top urgent care centers nationwide. Open 365 days a year, Righttime welcomes patients of all ages to walk-in, make a same-day appointment online at myRighttime.com or via its call center at 888-808-6483, or use its telemedicine service, RighttimeNOW™. For more information, please visit myRighttime.com.

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