Urgent Care Telemedicine with SimpleVisit

Telemedicine Video Visits have become a competitive advantage among the growing urgent care market in the US. With the increasing number of urgent care practices saturating the market, customer acquisition and retention calls for creative yet cost-effective features that enhance the patient experience.

Launching a telemedicine service does not have to require a dramatic shift in resources and energy for your practice.  SimpleVisit offers a turn-key, managed telemedicine solution for urgent care. Practices using SimpleVisit only have to confirm an appointment request in their schedule and then answer a direct video call with their patient on the other end.

This telemedicine receptionist service doesn’t require any downloads or special equipment, making it ideal for accommodating new patients. The SimpleVisit service will assign a live coordinator to call the patient, get them set up in a customized waiting area, before calling the provider with the patient ready to be seen.

Urgent care clinics across the country are expanding their reach of care and getting reimbursed for telemedicine video visits with SimpleVisit.

View the workflow sample or request a demo call to discuss your unique workflow needs and see how SimpleVisit can help your practice.

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Click here to read about a success story of a multi-site urgent care offering video appointments through SimpleVisit.

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