Workflow for Urgent Care Telemedicine

In recent years, there has been increasing emphasis put on healthcare organizations optimizing their workflows. Single-doctor private practices have seen just as much benefit as large hospital-based health systems, and the improvements in productivity, satisfaction, and quality of care are clear. One article published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information titled Organizational Workflow and Its Impact on Work Quality cites 95 sources and confidently states, “Conscious workflow design has been shown to improve the efficiency of existing work processes.” Often, a workflow is assessed when adding or changing technology, in the hopes that the organization can avoid any trip-ups in the implementation phase that would cause the new venture to fail before it’s had a chance.

Urgent care clinics looking to add telemedicine to the services they offer need to consider how they are going to integrate it into their existing appointment workflows.

To give you an idea of where to get started, SimpleVisit presents to you this sample workflow. It is based on the successful telemedicine program built by Righttime Urgent Care powered by our service. 

Download Your Telemedicine Workflow

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