The Virginia MGMA Experience

 Rob Warlick, SimpleVisit Co-Founder & Managing Director

My experiences at regional MGMA conferences are always enlightening and inspiring. They are three day events where medical professionals come together to learn and network in order to improve the way they go about the business of care. The atmosphere is one of collaboration and discovery, open-mindedness and progress. Everyone there has paid and traveled for the sole purpose of getting better at helping people get and stay healthy.

This past week, I was privileged to lead a few sessions on telemedicine for the Virginia MGMA Spring Conference. There was active participation from a good number of private practices of varying types and sizes interested in diving into telemedicine.  Many were seeking guidance on how others are getting started and how to successfully launch video visits for their patients.

My SimpleVisit team is driven to help medical groups successfully manage their telemedicine program. Our patented receptionist service is the most user-friendly direct-to-patient telemedicine solution on the market. In addition to that service, we provide resources by way of our blog, whitepapers, videos, podcasts and live presentations to help medical groups navigate the emerging tide of creative care solutions through video visits.

My session entitled, “Getting Started with Telemedicine” covered relevant material within three categories:

1) The State of Telehealth

2) Ways to Use Video Visits

3) Launching a Telemedicine Program  

The goal was to have the participants go back to their respective offices with a confidence in the value of video visits and their pathway to successfully building a telemedicine program with minimal disruption.

I am grateful for this opportunity to share the message of telemedicine with the members present this year. There is such potential for real change in access to and quality of care through the use of technology like the kind we offer at SimpleVisit. The benefits are great and the process can be made simple; I hope I was able to inspire someone there to take the plunge in adding virtual care options to their practice now.

You can hear the recording of the presentation and view the slide deck at or click the image below to access the session handout that includes more relevant resources.

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