Women Making Telemedicine History: Ann Mond Johnson


As Women’s History Month closes, we wanted to highlight another important woman in the telehealth industry. This week, we are shining the spotlight on Ann Mond Johnson, the newly appointed CEO of the American Telehealth Association. Learn a little more about her below:


 new CEO American Telemedicine Association Ann Mond JohnsonAnn Mond Johnson is definitely a woman to watch in the telehealth industry. She was recently appointed as the CEO of the American Telehealth Association (ATA), a nonprofit association that boasts over 10,000 industry and healthcare leaders in their membership network. Joining several notable women who are already a part of the executive leadership staff at ATA, Ann brings decades of experience along with invaluable insights into the position. 

Ann’s career in healthcare spans over 20 years. She began her career using healthcare data and information with the Sachs group, then moved on to assist Chicago’s reputation as a major hub for healthcare tech firms. More recently, she served as CEO of Zest Health as well as Board Chair and Advisor to ConnectedHealth. As an entrepreneur, Ann sold her first company Subimo to WebMD in 2006.

In the process of hiring a new CEO for ATA, Ann quickly stuck out. According to ATA’s Board President, “With Ann’s invaluable experience working across the healthcare spectrum with providers, payers and innovative technology firms, we have the powerhouse leadership to achieve our objectives, seize new opportunities and take telehealth to the next level.” Needless to say, she really knows what she is doing.

As the CEO of ATA, Ann will “lead efforts to build ATA’s strategic partnerships and alliances that ensure that consumers – patients, employees, members and others – across the United States and globally can reap the full benefits of advanced healthcare technology to gain access to top-quality care, delivered cost-effectively.”

The SimpleVisit team wants to congratulate Ann Mond Johnson on her new position. We are excited to see the amazing work and impact she will have in the telehealth industry.  

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