Making access to care as simple as answering a call.



SimpleVisit was created with a vision to make telemedicine seamless for providers and patients. We believe that telemedicine is becoming an essential part of healthcare delivery, especially for populations with access and specialist limitations. In order for the world to experience the benefits of virtual care, telemedicine has to be easy.

Access to care should be as simple as answering a call.


That is why SimpleVisit exists… to equip providers with a telemedicine service that delivers their patient over a video call; to open access to care for billions of patients by using common video applications already installed on their connected devices.


SimpleVisit supports healthcare providers with a virtual receptionist service and video visits that are compatible with common video applications like FaceTime, Skype and Hangouts — all within HIPAA regulation, and partnered with some of the leading EMR vendors.


Now is the time for an easy, friendly, and human approach to telemedicine.


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We are a Health Transformer.

SimpleVisit is proud to be selected to the Startup Health “Army” as a Health Transformer collaborating on the “Access to Care” moonshot.

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