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Thank you for your interest in SimpleVisit. Our managed Telemedicine service is helping practices like yours across the country seamlessly offer video visits to your patients.



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Can I switch the contact ID associated with my SimpleVisit account?
Your SimpleVisit account is tied to the original contact ID (preferred video platform and username) provided.  You can contact support@simplevisit.com or your account manager to request an alternative contact preference.
Do I have to use the live coordinator feature?
The SimpleVisit service is built around our patented technology that connects any-to-any video platform.  This capability is initiated by a live coordinator and is not automated. The coordinator serves as a virtual receptionist on behalf of your practice.  Their script and activity can be customized with the standard or unlimited plans.
Are you compatible with WhatsApp?
Technically SimpleVisit can bridge any desktop or browser-based video application.  The limitations for use in telemedicine are whether or not the video exchange is encrypted to meet HIPAA and HITECH standards.  Click here to view the list of compatible video platforms.
Do I have to log in somewhere to use this service?
We provide an online portal to access your scheduling tool and reports, but you can utilize SimpleVisit through integration with your EMR, scheduling, or secure email service. Speak with a sales agent to determine your workflow.
What is the cancellation policy?

Patient MUST request to cancel or reschedule with the provider directly.  It is then the provider’s responsibility to confirm the cancellation to appointments@simplevisit.com prior to the required timeframe.

What if my patient doesn’t have a video account?
Our SimpleVisit coordinator team will contact them prior to the appointment to confirm their contact preference or send a link to an online web session.

The coordinator team is trained to assist with technical troubleshooting to ensure a smooth experience.

*Fee for onboarding queue is deemed refundable if you report you intention to cancel the order prior to accessing your scheduling dashboard. Communications can be sent by email to support@simplevisit.com.