SimpleVisit is a first of it’s kind video visit service connecting virtual care sessions with a direct call over common video platforms such as FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

You can now access telemedicine on the platform of your choice without the hassle of downloads, logins, or technical training.   Schedule a demo to see first-hand how SimpleVisit can increase access to care for your patient.
What a SimpleVisit looks like…

All that is required on your end is to answer a call.

If Skype can be used for video visits, why do I need SimpleVisit?
SimpleVisit adds important additional features and capabilities that make Skype a complete solution for patient-centered video visits. 1. SimpleVisit allows participants to join video visits using whichever encrypted video client the have (such as FaceTime and Google Hangouts). There is no need to install Skype or set up a Skype account if the patient already has FaceTime or Hangouts. 2. Each video visit is initiated by a trained SimpleVisit Coordinator who greets the patient, ensures the video image and voice quality are acceptable, and helps with any troubleshooting that may be required prior to adding the provider to the call. The SimpleVisit Coordinator is also key in managing any delays on the provider side by maintaining the patient in a virtual waiting room. 3. SimpleVisit creates a professional, practice branded video experience for all participants. Branded Welcome and Hold screens with audio (customized greetings, practice messages, music) are presented when the call is connected and while the participants are on hold. 4. Using SimpleVisit, the patient never has access to the provider’s Skype contact information, creating a buffer from patients trying to reach the provider directly outside of planned visit times.
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SimpleVisit™ allows healthcare providers to deliver secure, branded care to patients over any device using Apple’s FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Skype. This service utilizes patented technology to connect healthcare providers and patients over common video communication applications. Call (877) 83-VISIT or email to learn more.