Mid-Atlantic Collaborative Care Names SimpleVisit as Preferred Telemedicine Partner

SimpleVisit is proud to announce our new partnership with Mid-Atlantic Collaborative Care. This Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is comprised of over 200 practices in the mid-atlantic region working together to improve quality of care metrics.  They have named SimpleVisit as their preferred telemedicine vendor, giving their affiliated practices access to our telemedicine receptionist services at a specially discounted cost. Here are three things you need to know about this new partnership:

1. What’s the Deal?

Telemedicine is listed under CMS’s Quality Payment Program as an improvement activity that positively impacts MIPS scoring. Over the next few months, practices who are members of Mid-Atlantic Collaborative Care are incentivized to implement these improvement activities in preparation for MIPS attestation later this summer. Mid-Atlantic Collaborative Care has selected SimpleVisit as the ideal solution for rapid implementation and ease of use with minimal disruption. For qualifying members, there is no setup fee to begin their SimpleVisit service and the first 30 days are free.

2. Mid-Atlantic Collaborative Care: Who are they?

Mid-Atlantic Collaborative Care is one many ACO’s, which provides a network for practices to collaborate on specified healthcare goals and initiatives, while receiving tools and funding to reach those goals. As part of the Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO model, Mid-Atlantic Collaborative Care’s objectives are to increase quality of care for the individual patient, as well as increase the health of general populations, while lowering spending.

3. Why SimpleVisit?

SimpleVisit is a telemedicine receptionist service that allows patients and providers to connect over video platforms they already use, like FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts. With SimpleVisit, providers are able to deliver on-demand visits to patients without the hassle of downloads, logins, or technical training. This takes the burden of starting a telemedicine program off of providers, making it a seamless process, with minimal disruptions to workflow. For more information on SimpleVisit and on how we are enabling healthcare providers to host virtual visits, check out www.SimpleVisit.com/ACO

Mid-Atlantic Collaborative Care is partnering with SimpleVisit to host an informational webinar for ACO practices interested in implementing video visits with SimpleVisit. Sign up using the form below.

About Simple Visit

SimpleVisit is a video service which allows patients and providers to connect over the video platform of their choice. With SimpleVisit providers are able to deliver on-demand visits to patients over any device or platform they have available to them. For more information on SimpleVisit and on how we are enabling providers to host virtual visits check out www.SimpleVisit.com

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