Introducing: SimpleVisit Account Manager

Feature Release | 4 min read | August 20, 2020

At SimpleVisit we are dedicated to helping healthcare providers offer telemedicine services in the most user-friendly way humanly possible. With that aim in mind, we are launching our new SimpleVisit Account Manager!

This tool is designed to enhance and simplify the SimpleVisit scheduling experience. It also provides your administrative support staff with the ability to add, cancel, and view appointments for all providers within your practice. Full capabilities also include access to billing statements and account detail viewing and editing. 

Included Features:


Our new SimpleVisit Scheduler allows you to easily and quickly schedule appointments. Custom appointment durations are available, and the patient information fields prompt the user to include the patient’s video platform and contact ID. This allows your practice to take full advantage of our any-to-any video calling app capabilities.

Appointment View

Your Account Manager gives you a window into your past and future appointments. A report is included for any calls that were not connected, and a link is provided to cancel any future appointments directly from your appointment list.

Administrative Users

Giving your administrative support staff access to your account has never been this easy! When you fill out this form, we will create an administrative account that has a variety of customizable permissions. These include:

Group Scheduling Your front desk receptionist can have access to a Scheduler for each provider in your practice, as well as each of their appointments lists, from one central page.

Practice Billing Your practice billing specialist can be given access to invoices by month that are tailored to your practice’s SimpleVisit contract. Any overages are pre-calculated and you’ll have the ability to update your billing profile within the same tool.

 We are always looking for new ways to help your practice deliver healthcare to your patients when they want and how they want it. User-experience, for the patient and the provider, is of the utmost importance to us. We are excited to see how this new tool supports our clients in building successful telemedicine programs with SimpleVisit.

To learn more about how SimpleVisit can help your practice build a telemedicine program, fill out our Buyer’s Guide – or if you’re ready to start today, Create an Account!

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